There’s something about life in the northern winter; things you can’t forget … and a distant feeling I can’t quite put a finger on. Here is a new song that I just recorded over the last few days.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. 🙂 Come on Spring.


You wouldn’t think so but you can tell when she cries There’s other things as well she believes she can hide Once you reach her, you’ll see she’s going down where it’s hard to catch a glimpse or hear the slightest sound A deep blue lingers far above – far below It’s hard to tell… Read More Mermaid


What happened here? What happens when what happened then comes to an end and disappears … and gets carried away to others that say, Fol lol the doh fol the day? Dreams become memories, memories of things of that never have been; memories of flying far over things I’ve never seen. And the mirror is… Read More Faith