The Quiet Game

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’round and ’round
we turn alone
together to a place we’ve never known

… and call it home

just like birds
our thoughts alight
on threads so fine ’til startled into flight

and we think
and we feel
and we tremble at times
but don’t talk at all


Black & White

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Earlier this week, a friend of mine challenged me to take a picture in black & white every day for a week. The fun bit was you had to post with no explanation as to what or why it was photographed.
It was fortuitous because I had just gotten the TinType app on my iPhone, which simulates daguerreotypes, tintypes, and other photographic processes that are over a century old now.
Nothing award-winning here, but interesting enough to share.

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Ellipsis (Drive to the Rain)

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if we get a chance
we’ll get out of this place,
‘hop in my car
and drive to the rain

Make a Wish

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Lines are Down

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it’s been too long
we’ve been aching for days
to reach back into light
and stretch our legs

we’re all running in place
stand still and it’s plain to see
if only for moment
we believe we are free

it’s been too long
since we stretched for the light
it’s been too long
since we took root in flight

and if we cry, we cry
and talk among the trees
whispering softly
with the promise of spring

we’re all running in place
it’s all plain to see
pretending to stand still
believing we’re free

but it’s been too long
since we stretched for the light
it’s been too long
so we yawn …
and stretch for a fight

New Threnody

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These are lyrics to a song I wrote shortly after my dad passed away. Sadly, I just discovered that someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while, but still very dear to me, had died night before last.
It reminded me of a beautiful, yet terrible, dream I had where I had what seemed a kind of omniscient perspective. My daughter was still very young, and I could see her and my lovely wife, but only as a satellite or a cloud would.
The more lucid the dream became the more beautiful it was, but it also became clear I was no longer a part of their world.
My wife looked up and, for a moment, our eyes met. She began to gently cry and said the last line of the song.

That’s when I woke up … Or did I?

Robert Müller and the Way Home

Lie down in the yarrow of the field
Let yourself be swallowed
By waves of deep green
And lose the notion that it all might be a dream
Upon new grass, become a love supreme

An unfortunate soul trying to break through
Caught in the power lines of a fortunate few
Say a prayer for me in loving memory
Of all I was, and all I meant to be

It’s raining in the streets of London
I can feel it from the fringes of this desert town
Lonely as a cloud, I wander ’round without a sound …
Can you feel me?

Lie down as summer sounds retreat
Adrift onAugust’s ocean
Draw in your relief
If you dare to dream andshake the tether free
When you decide you’ll find a love supreme

Oh, the sky’s alive when she looks for me
With the kindest eyes she says goodbye
I guess…

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