You wouldn’t think so
but you can tell when she cries
There’s other things as well
she believes she can hide
Once you reach her,
you’ll see she’s going down
where it’s hard to catch a glimpse
or hear the slightest sound

A deep blue lingers
far above – far below
It’s hard to tell
which way her mood will finally go
But once she gets there
She’ll just want to be alone
The only star left in my sky
Do I swim or do I fly
to whichever is her netherworld tonight?

The water whispers secrets left unspoken
and water moves like hands to cool my face
I lie awake and the water seals my fortune –
a secret place that bears our name
… and our reflection

Well, I could see her
I was there
and I could breathe
It’s strange to think
the things in love
you can believe
Once you see her
and her blurred reality
You confuse the sea and sky
Do I launch or do I dive
to whichever is her nether world this time?

You wouldn’t think so…

©1999 Pale Yellow Music/ASCAP


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