Deep Blue Underneath is on iTunes!

Deep Blue Underneath in iTunes!

This was my first album released in 2000.  I enjoyed some success with it, and some airplay and pickup in the early days of social media.  If you have a moment, I’d appreciate it if you gave it a whirl. Enjoy!

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You wouldn’t think so but you can tell when she cries There’s other things as well she believes she can hide Once you reach her, you’ll see she’s going down where it’s hard to catch a glimpse or hear the slightest sound A deep blue lingers far above – far below It’s hard to tell… Read More Mermaid


bitter pain sweet like sugar and faint as starlight reaching out as numberless small like raindrops forgotten if unnoticed and a flood tomorrow reaching out as numberless as luckless placing blame pain sweet like sugar reaching out only ever empty handed bitter ©2011 Pale Yellow Music/ASCAP