i’m sorry

well, here again
my friend said, prove your paces
and on the road less traveled
i move in spaces
that i wouldn’t choose,
but i can’t lose their faces.

i keep on looking,
but it’s so hard to find
it’s never in the same place twice
the space between, beneath, behind,
you’ll find i’m sorry…

it escapes all logic
but not the need of all mankind
it’s like a candle in a dark place
but that means nothing if you’re blind
you’ll find i’m sorry…
i’m sorry…

i’m sorry
‘cause everyone is lost
and looking for anything
but to be found,
and the hurting is so profound

i walk alone with you
divisible for miles
you’ll never see me quite the same way
and if you find me i’ll be lost
for that i’m sorry…
i’m sorry.

well, here again
my friend said,  prove your paces.

©2004 Pale Yellow Music/ASCAP

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