Better Now‘better now
it’s better this way.
the truth is i’m too tired.
it’s better this way

‘better not
the trail has gone cold.
the truth is i’m too tired
and getting too old

i’m on a path less traveled, some say
but it’s all that i know
it’s better this way.

if locked in the past
i’m free of today
and all that I know.

oh, lord
it’s better this way.

To hear a demo of this song, please visit here.

©2006 Pale Yellow Music/ASCAP


One thought on “Better

  1. Very nice Angus. I like the arrangement too. Send me a file, I am getting together with JW in a week or so at the new studio. Would be fun to lay down some tracks. If you can send a garage band file with a click track. Peace

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