Marking my day
by the length of the shadows
stretched over the fields of my past.

Waves of tall grass in amber stain
sweep and sway the dusk
of another long day.

The sun never waits for you, angel –
don’t let me down.

Counting the ways I remember you
after the laughter has faded away.
The warmth of reflection
is enough to sustain me
if only for one more day.

Let the harvest moon wait ’til tomorrow,
don’t let me down.

Should I live in fear farther away from you.
Should I fail with tears and hear your voice call to me.
Should I trip and fall into your open arms –
I’d give you it all, should yesterday bring me down.

You’ve come and gone,
but you never left me, really …
I let you down.

©2007 Pale Yellow Music, ASCAP


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