Heart Full of Rain

the road flows beneath like the waves of a rolling oceanmy heartbeat strains against the rhythm of the miles and then begin the rain …a heart full of rain there’s somewhere behind me you forget about mein darkness, there’s somewhere behind meI’d rather you wouldn’t be and my heart won’t take this strain …a heart… Read More Heart Full of Rain



    At the water’s edgeWe breathe our last goodbyesAnd heave a heavy sighSublime this place in time Beneath the dying lightWe pay our last respectsAnd shoulder vast regrets –‘remember things we can’t forget A bridge of sighsSweet lullabiesStars that rise at eventideWe collude and we collide Don’t lose your faith in time this time… Read More Eventide


Time moves backward slowly In a gentle arc With the kindest eyes That only see what you make real And what you feel As you you trace your fingers Along the soft edges Suspended by the finest threads That are gone the very moment You realize they are there