Hey sweetness, open your eyes There’s the arch of the state line Ohio seemed so far away ‘seems so far behind Colors flying under gray skies With a hand so cold inside mine On a ride spinning around and around At the carnival At the carnival So take me back to where I come from… Read More Carnival



right back where we began nice to see you here again darkness in the heart of summer but for stars without number teases like I shouldn’t wonder seductive currents pull you under right back where we began nice to see you here again listen for the little whispers feel the friction turn to blisters darkness in… Read More Violet


It just occurred to me Early to bed – early to rise No one here can hear me The breach is miles wide If I hold on tight she’ll shake loose On wings she’ll take to flight And look down on the secrets Of a world she’s left behind … It just occurred to me Don’t stare… Read More Rail


Time moves backward slowly In a gentle arc With the kindest eyes That only see what you make real And what you feel As you you trace your fingers Along the soft edges Suspended by the finest threads That are gone the very moment You realize they are there